5 Of The Biggest Makeup Mistakes

We’ve all made some makeup faux pas in our lifetime, but with all the information out there nowadays on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube… you’d think it would be a thing of the past. But No! Here’s our top 5 mistakes to avoid and hopefully will be game changers for you.

1. Contouring to map your own face

The contouring craze was highly popularised by Kim Kardashian and by others. Often you’ll see makeup artists just piling on masses of product unnecessarily (for the gram).

When contouring, usually a little product goes a long way. Really think about product placement; if you have a small and perfect nose, why contour that area? If you have a pronounced jaw line then maybe you might want to slim it down… so yes!!! apply a darker contour and make sure to blend it out.

2. Dark lip liner with light lipstick

This has to be the most fugly trends of the past. Just stop doing it, it’s not pretty!

If you want to contour you lips use multiple shades of pencils and lipstick to create a nice dimensional lip!!!

3. Not blending enough

There are so many tools out there for you to use that’ll help with blending, our favourite is the trusted beauty blender or even a nice kabuki style brush, like this one from zoeva. Blending helps to create a seamless finish, you shouldn’t be able to see where the product starts and ends.

4. Not using a primer


Using a primer helps to enhance the longevity of your makeup and diminish pores and even provide oil control to have you looking matte all day long. Here are some of our favs:

5. Insta brows

We really don’t need to elaborate on this one!

Leave your comments down below and share your makeup pet peeves.

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Written by M1U Team