Hi Beautiful,

It would be rude not to get properly acquainted.?

To give you a little background, MAKE ONE UP was founded by me in 2017. In 2015, I started off as a self taught makeup artist and at that time pursued it as a hobby. However, since last year, I switched up some gears and took the leap in turning MAKE ONE UP into a reputable and trusted brand.

MAKE ONE UP is no longer JUST a make up service provider, we are here to keep you informed and entertained through the blog; you can find the latest beauty news, reviews and conversations (I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions). is a forum for you to feel empowered and to gain insight into beauty related matters.

I have been an avid lover of beauty and make up from the beginning of time… God knows how many hours I’ve “wasted” researching products… trying to find that holy grail! ? Here, those “wasted” hours can be put to great use and bring you some value.

I really want to put it out there, that if something is raved about or slated on the blog, it is 100% honest! I’m sick and tired of seeing beauty influencers having little integrity and endorsing the highest bidder. I find it so important to share this level of transparency as this site will include affiliate links (where the company receives a commission for a click or purchase).

So thank you for reading my little spiel.

Welcome to MAKE ONE UP!

much love

Vita x